War of the Heavens

Vaelin's Etchings - Entry 3

Sorry for the tear in the page, had to stab it with a dagger to stop it moving around. Anyway, we met a dragon, the dragon actually. Icarus, the dragon that used to rule Khaz Modan. My personal opinion was to leave him trapped behind a magical barrier that kept him contained. And we did for a time, instead Phaedra took over the city, not sure how, and I filled our bag of holding with coin from the treasury. Then we fought off more cultist who tried to stop us opening the gates for the Queen's forces. But once she had arrived and taken control she met with Icarus and let him out. He then decided to take something from me as payment for threatening him when he was possessing the dwarf. 

So he ate my left arm.

I'm still getting used to that, not helped by the fact that Zinnia, Phaedra and Squiggly all decided to sleep with his humanoid form immediately afterwards. Once Lindal and I got drunk and re-equipped me with a new crossbow and rapier. We met the Queen who told us of a war between Angels and Devils, with our world as the battleground. She then sent us after a team of former adventurers to aid in the fight.

So we left, sailed east, and fought off some giants along the way. The fact that I slew one despite only having one arm is one of my prouder moments, although its friend then kicked me into a tree, so it has its downsides. Now Zinnia, Deia and I are in a nobleman's mansion whilst Lindal and Aela go and try to arrange a meeting with the first of these heroes.


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