War of the Heavens

Phaedra's Log

You can't heal with a hammer

I can understand all the worrying now when I left the Community; things are definitely much harder out here than in there…which is why I went there in the first place. 

Although it's been many years I find myself falling into old ways. Why, just earlier I managed to walk away from a fight where I had taken some friendly fire with no problem…but then the taunts of my family came to me, turning the cheek was not in the motto! I almost caved to the old ways but luckily the discipline instilled in me by the Community held.

This time. 

We're heading off to see a woman, maybe to help or maybe to hinder. I don't know about my companions…well, make that one or two of them I'm unsure of, but I know which way my hammer's going to fall.


milner95 imadoodlenoodle

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