War of the Heavens

Nothing is ever simple, is it? - Deia's Log

I think I'm in way over my head here. 

I — we — quit the circus. They then turned out to be spies and tried to murder us, so maybe it was a good move, but still. I was never expecting all this when I left the comfort of the woods. We're now considering joining the cause of an extremely powerful woman who's conquering cities left and right, saying she wants to unite the kingdoms. But the issue is she's murdering every single person who does not agree with her. Some in my party are maybe interested in joining her — but I won't. I can't. She is killing innocent beings. She is upsetting the balance of our world. While I don't agree with many of the practices that go on in these choked cities, there is always another way. Her violent methods cannot stand.

The problem is, how do we stop her? Can we? We're just a tiny, inexperienced group of people who used to be in a circus. All most of us wanted was freedom, coin, or just a way to make a living. Yeah, sure, we can kind of fight; but I know that that is not enough. Not to stop her. Not when something this large is brewing. 

Zinnia and Squiggly tried to kill each other today, too. Danaar also got involved — and slashed Squiggly with his sword — but everyone is … okay, I suppose. Physically, at least. I am concerned about our unity. I worry that we might fall apart when it counts the most. I think we need to talk about this, but I am not sure we will. 

I just … There is suddenly all this death, and blood, and fire surrounding us. It always seems like we leave a trail of ash wherever we go. But I guess it's too late to turn back now. I am in this. And … at least it's exciting. That's what I came here for, right?


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