War of the Heavens

Vaelin's Etchings - Entry 2

I'm far out of my depth here, I'm paid to kill monsters for villages or guard caravans, I know nothing of wars and queens. From fighting Goblins and owlbears in the wilds, something I am at least familiar with. We found ourselves in the employ of dwarves, investigating the tomb of an ancient dragon. From there we fought Devils attacking the gates of Khaz Mhodan, Dwarf cults summoned them here, Gods know why. Then our new employer, a mysterious Dwarf named Halfdan, sent us East, to meet the queen responsible for bringing that entire land to its knees beneath her banner.

Oh and did I mention she has tamed Dragons, both metallic and chromatic. 

Halfdan wants us to open the gates to Khaz Mhodan for her, so she may take the city without a fight. I trust the dwarf about as far as he is tall, yet this queen seems surprisingly reasonable, freeing slaves and eradicating prejudices.

Danaar has joined her army, and where the Warlock went I don't rightly know. Yet since our meeting we have been joined by a second bard, an agent for the queen, whom I fear Zinnia will kill in her sleep, and a powerful seeming fighter, his skills with a blade seem equal to mine with my bow.

Our return to Khaz Mhodan was not however, as successful as we imagined. The mage who had employed us as a partner to Halfdan was missing, possibly taken prisoner by Dwarves who, understandably, do not want their kingdom to fall.

We followed his trail to the palace of the kingdom, wherein Deia, Lindal and I made a worrying discovery, the ruler of the city was dead, and an imposter was posing as him. We faced this imposter, and eventually brought him down, to discover that it was in fact, the mage we sought. Our interrogation, while not carried out the way I'd have done it, made it clear that this man was no longer the same as the mage we met previously.

So now we're preparing to face… something, back in the city palace that controls our new prisoner. 


milner95 KGDrew

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