At first glance you'll think it's a pack-mule


STR 16 (3)
DEX 14 (2)
CON 18 (4)
INT 16 (3)
WIS 19 (4)
CHA 12 (1)

HP: 13
AC: 17

Saving throws: wisdom and charisma
Best skills: insight (6), medicine (6)


After entering a commune searching for enlightenment Phaedra had plenty of time to practice her healing skills and study people…but given the commune’s oath of silence she never really had a chance to pick up many social skills.

Eventually enlightenment struck Phaedra – at the same time so did a pony – and she knew that the best way to heal the world was one person at a time and so she left the commune, inspired by her god, to help the world.

Unfortunately Phaedra forgot how fun the outside world could be and erred from her path, although picking up some great alcohol brewing skills, but another pony kick, cough, sorry, enlightening moment has got her back on track!

On an unrelated note, Phaedra has an immense dislike of ponies, preferring to carry all her belongings herself. At least until she can afford to buy a donkey.


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