Kigon Roben

Half Elf Warlock of percular providence


Str; 12
Dex; 17
Con; 14
Int; 17
Wis; 12
Cha; 20

HP; 10 AC; 15 (Studded Leather + Dex)

Initiative; +3
Speed; 30 feet

Background; Guild Merhcant

Skills; Arcana, Deception, Insight, Investigation, Persuasion, Stealth
Tools; Tinkers tools

Archfey Patron

Languages; Common, Elvish, Gnomish, Sylvan

Spell save DC; 15


In order to even slightly comprehend the nature of Kigon Roben one must first know of the bizarre circumstances of his birth. His Mother, Aine, although blessed which great beauty, was burdened with a terrible madness. She lived with her parents in a small village near the woods and would spend her days engrossed in all manner of whimsy and mania that made sense to none but her. Some days she would insist on reciting poetry to birds, on others she would intensely debate philosophy with flowers. Although such compulsions baffled her fellow villagers they were greatly fond of her as while her motivations were indecipherable her actions were largely harmless and often amusing.

One day in the height of midsummer, Aine when missing from the village. After checking all of her usual haunts to no avail a search party was organised to scour the woods. They did not find her until the third day of their search and what they found has only been spoken of in whispers since.

The story, as far as anyone has been able to piece together goes as follows; on the third day of searching the dark, dense woods that boarded their village then weary search party blunder their way into some form of clearing in the middle of the wild woods. Almost instantly the villagers were stuck by the strangeness of this clearing, so unlike it was to the forest that surrounded it. Carpeted with bright flowers and pleasantly warm in comparison to the dank, stuffy woods that they had just travelled through the very air itself seemed to shimmer. At the centre of the clearing stood a humble timber cabin, its roof covers with turf and moss and walls of neatly fitted logs. Inside none were surprised to find Aine there waiting for them, that was of course until they noticed that she was heavily pregnant. The villagers were aghast, surely none of them were so low as to abuse Aines naïve and trusting nature to put her in such a state and who did this strange cabin belong to. When pressed for answers Aine talk incessantly of her ‘Prince’, his stunning looks and how he had come to take her away from the boredom of life in the village.

The villagers decided to lie in wait for the owner of the cabin, who must surely be a predator of the worst variety to have taken advantage of Aine so callously and filled her head with nonsense for his own insidious purpose. The villagers settled in the hide and as the sun began to set the door to the cabin scraped open. With the last rays of dusk light spilling through the door behind him a stooped and shuffling old man hobbled into the cabin. His hair and beard were long and grey with age and his tattered clothes soiled with spider webs and debris from the woods. At the sight of him Aine let out a squeal of pure delight, exclaiming that her prince had returned to her with a look in her eyes that spoke only of true, undying love. As she rushed to greet him a pair of villagers held her back while the rest set about the new comer, determined to get answers for what he had done. The strange old man made no attempt to fight back or protect himself, calmly taking their blows and stuggled not when they bound his hands and feet.

They took him back to the village in order to question him and for the entire journey he uttered not one word. Aine however could not keep her tongue still, repeating over and over tales of her new life as queen in a palace in the heart of a great and beautiful kingdom. The villagers looked the old man in the basement of the tavern to be questioned later. By morning he was gone.
Five days later Aine went into labour. The birth was a difficult one and Aine survived only long enough to hold her new born son and name him, insisting he be called Kigon Roben after his father.

Kigon grew up to be a handsome and charming young man but he had more than a touch of his mother about him. Although he did not suffer the same degree of mania of his mother there was enough strangeness surrounding him to but the more superstitious among the village ill at ease.

Growing restless of village life and the sidelong glances of his neighbours Kigon decided to leave and make his own way in the world.

Kigon Roben

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