Dragonborn Gladiator with a big sword


HP: 12
Stats: Strength 20(5), Dexterity 16(3), Constitution 17(3), Intelligence 14(2), Wisdom 12(1), Charisma 15(2)
Saving throws: Strength (prof) 7, Dexterity 3, Constitution (prof) 5, Intelligence 2, Wisdom 1, Charisma 2
AC: 16 (14 base + 2 dex)


When Danaar was a small child his clan was attacked by a rival dragonborn clan, made up mostly of red dragonborn. There were few survivors, but Danaar managed to escape with the help of his sister. They ran as far as they could before they settled anywhere, in the end they ended up in a smaller coastal town. His sister did what she could to support the both of them, and they did manage to get enough money so they could eat and have a small room to share, but it was barely their money was enough for that, especially as Danaar was growing and needed a lot of food to eat. Danaar noticed this and considered how he could help out with solving the issue. He quickly noticed that the was little for him to to do in this city, but talking with the sailors dropping by at the harbor he heard about gladiators, warriors using all their skills in order to survive and win in combat, gaining favour and honour. Danaar spent more and more time listening to stories about these gladiators, dreaming of one day forging his own legacy and win honour and glory in the arena. He especially liked to hear stories about Crowley, a human gladiator that rose to fame from nothing. With time his interest in Crowley transformed into idolization. When he got a bit older he left with a ship to move to a larger city in which there would be an arena. When he arrived at the arena he got started with a short sword and a net given to him by the arena as a starting set. With his towering physique he managed to win and gain some money, enough to buy some equipment to use. He decided to use his towering physique to his advantage so he decided to get a greatsword and some armour. Low tiered gladiator fighting doesn’t pay well however so he had to find a source of income if he wanted to gain more fame and glory. He did several different odd jobs, the latest one being to guard a circus, that is where our story starts.


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