War of the Heavens

Vaelin's Etchings - Entry 3

Sorry for the tear in the page, had to stab it with a dagger to stop it moving around. Anyway, we met a dragon, the dragon actually. Icarus, the dragon that used to rule Khaz Modan. My personal opinion was to leave him trapped behind a magical barrier that kept him contained. And we did for a time, instead Phaedra took over the city, not sure how, and I filled our bag of holding with coin from the treasury. Then we fought off more cultist who tried to stop us opening the gates for the Queen's forces. But once she had arrived and taken control she met with Icarus and let him out. He then decided to take something from me as payment for threatening him when he was possessing the dwarf. 

So he ate my left arm.

I'm still getting used to that, not helped by the fact that Zinnia, Phaedra and Squiggly all decided to sleep with his humanoid form immediately afterwards. Once Lindal and I got drunk and re-equipped me with a new crossbow and rapier. We met the Queen who told us of a war between Angels and Devils, with our world as the battleground. She then sent us after a team of former adventurers to aid in the fight.

So we left, sailed east, and fought off some giants along the way. The fact that I slew one despite only having one arm is one of my prouder moments, although its friend then kicked me into a tree, so it has its downsides. Now Zinnia, Deia and I are in a nobleman's mansion whilst Lindal and Aela go and try to arrange a meeting with the first of these heroes.

Vaelin's Etchings - Entry 2

I'm far out of my depth here, I'm paid to kill monsters for villages or guard caravans, I know nothing of wars and queens. From fighting Goblins and owlbears in the wilds, something I am at least familiar with. We found ourselves in the employ of dwarves, investigating the tomb of an ancient dragon. From there we fought Devils attacking the gates of Khaz Mhodan, Dwarf cults summoned them here, Gods know why. Then our new employer, a mysterious Dwarf named Halfdan, sent us East, to meet the queen responsible for bringing that entire land to its knees beneath her banner.

Oh and did I mention she has tamed Dragons, both metallic and chromatic. 

Halfdan wants us to open the gates to Khaz Mhodan for her, so she may take the city without a fight. I trust the dwarf about as far as he is tall, yet this queen seems surprisingly reasonable, freeing slaves and eradicating prejudices.

Danaar has joined her army, and where the Warlock went I don't rightly know. Yet since our meeting we have been joined by a second bard, an agent for the queen, whom I fear Zinnia will kill in her sleep, and a powerful seeming fighter, his skills with a blade seem equal to mine with my bow.

Our return to Khaz Mhodan was not however, as successful as we imagined. The mage who had employed us as a partner to Halfdan was missing, possibly taken prisoner by Dwarves who, understandably, do not want their kingdom to fall.

We followed his trail to the palace of the kingdom, wherein Deia, Lindal and I made a worrying discovery, the ruler of the city was dead, and an imposter was posing as him. We faced this imposter, and eventually brought him down, to discover that it was in fact, the mage we sought. Our interrogation, while not carried out the way I'd have done it, made it clear that this man was no longer the same as the mage we met previously.

So now we're preparing to face… something, back in the city palace that controls our new prisoner. 

Phaedra's Log
You can't heal with a hammer

I can understand all the worrying now when I left the Community; things are definitely much harder out here than in there…which is why I went there in the first place. 

Although it's been many years I find myself falling into old ways. Why, just earlier I managed to walk away from a fight where I had taken some friendly fire with no problem…but then the taunts of my family came to me, turning the cheek was not in the motto! I almost caved to the old ways but luckily the discipline instilled in me by the Community held.

This time. 

We're heading off to see a woman, maybe to help or maybe to hinder. I don't know about my companions…well, make that one or two of them I'm unsure of, but I know which way my hammer's going to fall.

Nothing is ever simple, is it? - Deia's Log

I think I'm in way over my head here. 

I — we — quit the circus. They then turned out to be spies and tried to murder us, so maybe it was a good move, but still. I was never expecting all this when I left the comfort of the woods. We're now considering joining the cause of an extremely powerful woman who's conquering cities left and right, saying she wants to unite the kingdoms. But the issue is she's murdering every single person who does not agree with her. Some in my party are maybe interested in joining her — but I won't. I can't. She is killing innocent beings. She is upsetting the balance of our world. While I don't agree with many of the practices that go on in these choked cities, there is always another way. Her violent methods cannot stand.

The problem is, how do we stop her? Can we? We're just a tiny, inexperienced group of people who used to be in a circus. All most of us wanted was freedom, coin, or just a way to make a living. Yeah, sure, we can kind of fight; but I know that that is not enough. Not to stop her. Not when something this large is brewing. 

Zinnia and Squiggly tried to kill each other today, too. Danaar also got involved — and slashed Squiggly with his sword — but everyone is … okay, I suppose. Physically, at least. I am concerned about our unity. I worry that we might fall apart when it counts the most. I think we need to talk about this, but I am not sure we will. 

I just … There is suddenly all this death, and blood, and fire surrounding us. It always seems like we leave a trail of ash wherever we go. But I guess it's too late to turn back now. I am in this. And … at least it's exciting. That's what I came here for, right?

Let's fucking burn it Down

Dragons, Devils, and crazy women who can control fire and dragons, when my brothers said join the circus it's way more fun I like to think they knew exactly what they were talking about. I loved the dungeon the fights the stupid traps and all that but this dwarf is just being a dwarf and is greedy like normal. 

Man so much stuff has been happening and I can feel the magic I use start to get stronger, my reflexes sharper, and well I did get to learn how to hold my weapons thanks to Danaar he's a real good guy even if he is an honor bound money hungry dragon. I think that most of the party still doesn't really like me but fuck those goody two-shoes ha at least I can have fun right I mean that's the only reason I'm here at all really. The cleric has been trying to get me to be more violent though that's a bit concerning considering she has started to dare me to do things but you know I don't always have to guarantee her safety should she think she can always pull my strings. All in all the groups great and even the druid has stated to talk so I'm sure things will be fun next up is to crack Lindal maybe get him to do some of that scamming stuff for me.

Anyway we head to meet the leader of a horde she commands great power and I think she should be fun to talk to but I need to be wary many of the ones who send us lie and cheat as a living I fear we may be manipulated into releasing evil and order onto the world and that is a no can do but if she's an okay person maybe some new friends can be won soon.

Lindal's Notes Part 2

How do eight people defeat a crazy fire bitch that destroys cities? Worst of all, I think some of my allies might be happy for her to destroy some more. I'm going to have to have a talk with them… But even if they all agree with me that she needs to be stopped, I'm pretty sure we're not powerful enough to stop her.

Oh yeah, and there's still a FUCKING ANCIENT RED DRAGON, which Halfdan, the bastard happy to let this whole city burn, knows the location of. Fantastic. We're going to have to deal with him too, aren't we? Damn.

Everything's fucked and we have to figure out how to unfuck it. Damn, I just wanted to join the circus.

Lindal's Notes Part 2

How do eight people defeat a crazy fire bitch that destroys cities? Worst of all, I think some of my allies might be happy for her to destroy some more. I'm going to have to have a talk with them… But even if they all agree with me that she needs to be stopped, I'm pretty sure we're not powerful enough to stop her.

Oh yeah, and there's still a FUCKING ANCIENT RED DRAGON, which Halfdan, the bastard happy to let this whole city burn, knows the location of. Fantastic. We're going to have to deal with him too, aren't we? Damn.

Everything's fucked and we have to figure out how to unfuck it. Damn, I just wanted to join the circus.


I'm writing this is a fucking box on my way down into a goddamn mine I fucking hate places like this they suck nothing like back home at all. WE got this mission from one of those dwarf dude with a shit ton of jewelry and why do anything they say have to end up in mines or underground places I've only met a few and so far very few interactions have been a positive one they always end up taking my money in some form or another

The city ain't so bad a place though for one without a port I could get used to it  some nice innkeeper he was an orc and a nice fellow really a bit of an asshole but a nice guy on the inside I could just tell really. Me Warlock and Lindel got tasked with finding a room and after lecturing an evil innkeeper about the beauty of squids and octopi we found that inn I was so good they even let me have my own room that night funny enough. Oh that's right the OWLBEAR thing in the woods got me good no one in the group told me it was coming and all I can say is that I was lucky it didn't tear my face off and thank the gods for that sweet scaled man named Danaar without him I would have actually died but since I didn't and I slept off the wounds with not that bad scarring so life saved and codes not broken nothing has tainted the flesh yeah

The city's been pretty fun think I might be able to actually be Lindel's and Danaar's friend one's a con man or was at least if what he tried to do to that gambler is a glimpse into his past the other an amazing gladiator which I can make money on and while the rest of the party might have a bit of a bad impression with me but for all I care the great old ones can devour they're souls yeah but those two seem like good guys and I suppose the magic wielders should garner some respect still can't for the life of me remember their names but oh well should work on it

yeah about thi tomb the dragon lord that it's dedicated to I've been told is some crazy fire dragon and that it's bones can boost magic affinity along with the idea that someone may be trying to taint the dead with evil magic does not sit well with me I will take a piece of the corpse not only granting me a great boon but also stopping that evil magic for the most part I fear that might be their intention this deal and place reek of bad intentions and evil I must put a stop to any of it while my party members smell to much of self righteousness all of that also gets on my nerves well guess I'll deal with it as it happens for now I should stop writing the box has stopped and Lindel might catch on hehe until next time 

Lindal's Notes


Keeping notes now, apparently helps to keep myself thinking about what I'm doing. I need that now. Damn, caring makes things so much more difficult.

Joined a circus. Easy coin, honest work, people are good. Well, good enough. I'm still a little worried about the Gnome. I'll keep an eye on him.

Muggers? Goblins? Anything that attacks first doesn't leave much room for morality, but a kid? Everyone'll tell you that goblins are evil creatures, but all I could see was a scared little kid. Damn. What makes a kid like that into the things we hear about in the city? The ones that murder and pillage, without mercy? Maybe these goblins are different, or maybe no one's born evil. I just hope we don't have to kill his grandparents too.

Time to write Squiggly

Today was Fun as fucking hell. The people who do the other acts in the circus may be strange but goddamn they can lie, kill, and steal with some of the best that I've sailed with hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

And to think the city started with me making over 80 gold because of a simple diversion of the circus easy enough then of course they take my money saying it's the group's or something like that, probably gonna spend that money on booze and whores like everyone always does. After a scuffle we had the best show I've seen from this shitty little circus and in front of the goddamn prince it was awesome knives, magic, and animals. Note to self should do more tricks with the halfling he may be shifty but he's a good performer. After that we got the circus to move and I was put into the magic academy because of my amazing skills and  dashing appearance.

Then goblins attacked everyone jumped up and slaughtered them all some people took damage but stupid healing magic solved all that so I shouldn't care really. But after they skinned the wolves and I was able to help the pyschopathic bard take the blood of a goblin for "INK", she must be crazy and but if I do say so myself quite a looker hehe or maybe the dwarf but then again that warlock also wouldn't be so bad. I got my head stuck in a windpipe of one of the wolves and while I felt it was hilarious my party doesn't seem to like fun because of the look thy gave me when they got me out.

We found the village the goblins came from it was burned to the ground women, children, and all I can assume were also elderly. everything burned and the only living thing a child goblin I volunteered to kill it but the magicy person from the wilds can talk to it and said we needed to save it. The child would be better off dead their grief will turn to rage and rage to hate and then they will attack and pillage the surrounding area I tried to warn them but no one listens, then again why do I listen to them. Any for some reason being good to this creature is supposed to make us good people while in a different scenario they would have gladly killed it. Anyway the plans coming along perfectly we'll see where this party thing goes though it isn't as bad as I thought.


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